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Boost your online experience with GPT-Commands, a GPT-4 Chrome extension for rapid, precise responses. Enter your OpenAI API key to get started.

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Influencer Mode

GPT Commands allows users to become notable Twitter influencers, effectively boosting their engagement, reach, and impact on the platform.

Writer Mode

The Writer Mode in GPT-Commands allows you to delegate your writing tasks to GPT-4. Whether it's composing a Twitter post or any other content, simply input your requirements, and GPT-4 will generate the desired text, saving you time and effort.

Translator Mode

Translator mode in GPT Commands swiftly and accurately converts text between languages, enabling seamless global communication.

Fix grammar

Fix grammar feature efficiently detects and corrects grammatical errors, enhancing text clarity and ensuring polished communication.

$39 Buy now

You will receive the license via email